SIGMA offers need-based scholarships for all ages, abilities, and interest levels. Because we strive to be the definitive source for aquatics in Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties, we do our best to provide aquatic access to financially limited families. 

Sigma has a limited number of scholarships that are available to help swimmers cover training fees. Requirements for scholarship are listed below:

Cases are considered individually by Sigma. USA Swimming also has an "Outreach" reduced athlete registration fee. Please note that swimmers are still responsible for costs of swimwear, transportation, meet entry fees and registration fees.

When seeking to qualify for a scholarship, accounts must first be current. Athletes and families who are receiving scholarships must also participate in all opportunities where their time and energy can be of use to the team. 

Please do not allow your financial situation to prevent you from seeking our services. Instead, please click HERE to contact us and find out how we can assist you in your pursuit of aquatics for yourself or your child.