A brief list of some of our swimmer's achievements in competitive swimming:

2015 Short Course TAGS Finalist - Adam Gonzalez
2015 Junior Nationals Qualifier - Gregg Keith
2015 UIL State Finalist - Chandler Glenn
2014 UIL State Finalists - Meredith Schlosberg, Jarrah Schlosberg
2013 UIL State Finalists - Kira Schlosberg, Meredith Schlosberg
2012 Senior Nationals Qualifier - Kira Schlosberg
2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier - Zach Interrante
2012 Long Course TAGS Finalist - Joseph Kim
2012 UIL State Finalists - Connor Kennemer, Cameron Martinez, Kira Schlosberg, Meredith Schlosberg
2011 Long Course Junior Nationals Qualifier - Kira Schlosberg
2011 Long Course TAGS Champion - Hannah Lally
2011 Short Course TAGS Finalists - Hannah Lally, Rachel Stinchcomb
2011 UIL State Finalist - Kira Schlosberg
2010 Long Course TAGS Finalists - Meredith Schlosberg, Kira Schlosberg, Jacob Stinchcomb, Rachel Stinchcomb
2010 Short Course TAGS Finalists - Kira Schlosberg, Rachel Stinchcomb
2010 UIL State Finalists - Adam Grillo, Kira Schlosberg
2009 Long Course TAGS Finalists - Melody Rodriguez, Rachel Stinchcomb
2009 Short Course TAGS High Point Swimmer - Rachel Stinchcomb
2009 UIL State Finalists - Ryan Ellis, Adam Grillo, Austin Lindsey, Rachael Pike, Ben Watlington